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MHW Team

My Healing Way is a team of naturally gifted energy healers. For over three decades, they have successfully helped those in need by using only the power of the mind. From improving health and performance to alleviating and curing severe illness, their method of distance healing is uniquely tailored to each individual’s specific needs.

The My Healing Way method is scientifically tested and proven

Though it is still not completely understood how healing energy can be harnessed with the mind, its effects have been studied in great detail. This energy has been shown to be, not only, measurable, but significantly influential in lab experiments. Having participated in a number of research projects with notable doctors, academics, and engineers, My Healing Way has demonstrated that thoughts can exert an instantaneous change in a targeted manner that is independent of distance.

Therapy has positive effects on people, animals, and plants

Initially, basic physiological tests were conducted on patients during therapy. It was found that their pulse, blood pressure, and temperature all exhibited pronounced fluctuations. Of course, patients additionally reported immediate changes to their state, such as pain levels and other sensations. This was followed up with experiments on animals and plants. Treated mice and fish exhibited improved health after infection compared to untreated ones. Treated plants grew faster, bloomed more and for a longer time than untreated ones.

Experiments demonstrate objectively measurable changes

Following this success, the effect of healing energy was tested on blood serum in test tubes. With short treatments ranging from 1 to 5 minutes, the samples from sick individuals resembled those of the healthy. Finally, My Healing Way therapists were even able to demonstrate their effects on inanimate objects by treating x-ray film. With similarly short time periods, they were able to transfer images of overlaid objects onto the film in the way an x-ray machine would. The mechanisms of these effects have yet to be explained, but the results are evident, repeatable, and irrefutable.

Distance healing shows strongest effects

Perhaps counter-intuitively, it was discovered that the therapists’ distance from the subject had no effect on the results. However, the environments in which the therapist and patient were in were found to be quite important. The best effects were achieved when each was in their own surroundings where they were at ease, maximally relaxed.

Your well being is worth the effort

With immense experience, groundbreaking scientific studies, and countless patients who are today healthy and well, My Healing Way firmly stands by their distance healing method. In fact, they truly believe there are no untreatable ailments, only untreatable patients. The healing process is a concerted effort between the therapist and the patient and My Healing Way works diligently to ensure the best success for each and every patient and expects the same commitment from them. But all good things take some effort, and your well being is certainly worth the effort.