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Aug 23 2011


Andrea developed an aggressive brain tumor at the young age of five.  The tumor had grown so quickly that the facial bones had started to crack and break as can be seen in the CT scan before treatment.  The tumor had grown so much in size it pushed her eyes out of the sockets and impeded her optic nerves leaving her blind.  Andrea’s parents took her to the best specialists in Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia.  Every doctor they saw said Andrea’s condition was beyond any medical intervention and that her survival expectancy was very limited.  At that point they realized alternative medicine was their only option to try and save their daughter.  They came to My Healing Way as a last resort, but after the first week of treatments, Andrea’s tumor had already started to retreat.  Her vision slowly came back and so did the whole family’s happiness.  Andrea received regular treatments and progressively felt and looked better and healthier as can bee seen on the CT scan after treatment.  After two and a half years, she was completely healthy with no trace of her previous grave condition.