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My name is Jasmina, I am 41 years old, and I was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease (PKD) a couple of years ago. PKD is a genetic disorder characterized by the growth of numerous cysts in the kidneys. These cysts can enlarge the kidneys, reduce kidney function and lead to kidney failure. There is no cure for PKD. At least, that is what traditional medicine would tell you.

In March of this year I went skiing, and since the snow started melting already, my ski got stuck in slush, and I felt a sharp pain in my knee. I didn’t pay too much attention to it, and I continued skiing till the end of that day. The pain in my knee didn’t go away, and few weeks later, I went to see my family doctor. She prescribed some muscle relaxant medication, and as soon as I started taking it, my ankles became very painful and swollen. I looked so bad that my doctor sent me to the Emergency as soon as she saw me again. It turned out that people with any kind of kidney problems should not take this medication. The doctors at the hospital couldn’t do anything to help me. They told me that they don’t know when and if the swelling will go away.

I have heard about My Healing Way from a friend, and although I believed that bio energy therapists do what they do, and that they can heal people, I was very skeptical that I can be one of those people. I have always seen myself as a very realistic, down to Earth type of person who needs to see things in order to believe in them. I was so wrong! And never in my life was I so happy to be wrong.

My Healing Way therapist knew right away what my health issues were. He has told me about my kidneys, the medication I took, and many other conditions that I had, including a few things that I have never told anyone about. And he did all of this without me saying a word. I was completely stunned!

He started the treatments, and I felt great right away, in terms of having more energy and feeling like I could do anything. The swelling and pain went away after only a few sessions, but I continued the therapy, so my kidneys and PKD could be healed as well. After getting several treatments from one-on-one contact with My Healing Way therapist, I have also tried getting the distance treatments – remotely. Again, my skepticism kicked in, and although I now fully believed that I could be cured if I physically saw a bio energy therapist, I had great difficultly believing that the same could be done over the phone, or that I could get the treatment while being asleep. Once more, I was very wrong. I would feel the same, and in some cases even stronger sensation from treatments I have received remotely by different My Healing Way therapists.

I still feel great physically and mentally, and the only “side effect” that I have from the treatments is that I am a more energized, better and happier version of myself. Not bad for a side effect.

My Healing Way is a group of therapists that are very powerful, educated, experienced and most importantly people with good hearts and only the best intentions. I fully trust them, and I would highly recommend them to anyone who has any kind of health related, or any other kind of issues.