At My Healing Way, we adhere to a strict vow of confidentiality. The patient-therapist relationship is built on trust and that is a key component in the success of our work.

Any and all information you provide to My Healing Way, our therapists, and our representatives via website forms, e-mails, telephone conversations, or otherwise, is considered confidential.

Your information will never be sold.  It will never be distributed, or made public in any shape or form without your explicit permission. We may ask for a testimonial if we feel your story can help others and that would require you to disclose some of your information regarding your situation, progress, and results.  However, you will never be under any obligation whatsoever to partake in that. If you do, it would only be with your consent and approval, and only involve the information you choose to disclose. It is generally not our practice to make such requests,  our patients often offer their stories voluntarily out of gratitude to My Healing Way, and kindness and consideration for those who may yet be seeking help.

My Healing Way does not distribute unsolicited material by any means.  Your contact information is only used for communication between you, your therapist, and My Healing Way representatives, and only as it pertains to your case.

Your privacy, trust, and peace of mind is a priority for us!