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Welcome to My Healing Way! Let us help you find your path to good health and a more fulfilling life.

Are you suffering from an illness or disorder? Are you tired or stressed? Do you feel you aren’t performing as well as you could be, mentally or physically? Life can be tough at times and we each react to life’s challenges in our own ways. It’s important to know that those challenges, no matter how difficult, can be overcome.  You have already taken the most important first step on your path to good health by coming to My Healing Way.

At My Healing Way, our therapists specialize in energy healing, an age-old method of focusing one’s life force to mend the body and bring about positivity within and around.  Find out if energy healing through distance therapy is right for you.  Take a look at the case studies and testimonials, our work speaks for itself!

Adverse reaction leads to surprise diagnosis

My name is Jasmina, I am 41 years old, and I was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease (PKD) a couple of years ago. PKD is a genetic disorder characterized by the growth of numerous cysts in the kidneys. These cysts can enlarge the kidneys, reduce kidney function and lead to kidney failure. There is no …

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Six-year-old beats arthritis

Our 6 year old daughter had severe arthritis to the point where she couldn’t walk. It was progressively getting worse and more painful every year. We were referred to My Healing Way and started this new type of healing treatment. A few days after the first therapy our daughter could already walk! Now she is …

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Couple combats sterility, baby on the way

I had suffered with sterility until I found My Healing Way. Doctors said there was nothing that could be done. My wife has also suffered of the same ailment and at 37 had still never had her period. When we first heard about My Healing Way from a friend of ours who was cured of …

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Diagnosed with Lymphoma at 29

I was initially in disbelief when I was diagnosed with Lymphoma, so I went and got a second opinion which confirmed the cancer. As I started doctor prescribed treatment I started feeling worse and worse, then I came upon the specialists at My Healing Way. I decided to try it since I had nothing to …

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